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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the methodologies and tools that help businesses manage Customer relationships in an organized way. Many companies use CRM Software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE for which they pay high. But the effectiveness & efficiency of CRM Software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE is very low. Bluesky CRM gathers data through all phases of the Customer relationship such as Marketing, Sales, and Service and provides a complete picture, allowing business Owners/Managers of CRM Software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE to make informed decisions.

Our CRM Software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE allows for better sales force automation. This allows businesses to keep track potential customers follow up dates for more sales to happen or to attract them to make a purchase again. It allows for better sales automation & promotional activity analyis. Better availabilty of informations through data transfers, merging & proper analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Our CRM Software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE allows for better client relationship managment through contacts management functionality. Our CRM software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE offers your business an easy to use interactive dashboard platform as well.

  • Easy to use Interative Dashboard
  • Share CRM data with users as per their job role
  • Manage Leads & Contacts
  • Log Acitivities - Call / Visits / Meeting
  • Manage Pipeline
  • Monitor Sales Performance
  • Work Flow Management
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Stay updated through proper communications - all times /all users
  • Date security & better data transferability

Bluesky CRM offers a complete Customer Relationship portal with details of Customers, their Contacts. Basically you would be able to view business related data of CRM Software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE. Notes related to any File / Calls made / Visits done / Meetings conducted etc. The Sales Process is also incorporated in this module from Leads to the Receipt of payments. It takes care of Leads, Quotations, Sales Orders, Proforma Invoices, Deliveries, Invoices and Receipt of Payments. Dashboards, Reports, User rights are in built in the system.

In all aspect our CRM Software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE leads your business to a better growth. Our wide range of sales solutions are a perfect match for your business. Our CRM Software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE is highly adaptable, flexible, easy to use & gives your business better insights. We provide easy cloud deployment of our CRM Software in Dubai, Ajman, UAE at very less time. Better training & expertised assistance for proper usage of our CRM Software for your business would be provided by our team.

An all in one CRM Software in Dubai, UAE that could boost your business sales through proper coordination with marketing & customers.

To get the benefits of our CRM Software in Dubai, UAE request demo of our product by getting in touch with us at the earliest.