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Artificial Intelligence

Bluesky Technologies FZE offers the best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning consulting services in Dubai, Ajman and in the whole of UAE. Many companies claim to have experts in Artificial Intelligence. Some are strong on theory but have no experience of taking the project out of the lab. Others lack the Data Science expertise to really be successful in creating and engineering AI models. Our consultants have both deep Data Science background and the engineering capability to take AI models and bring them to web-scale for your enterprise. Our consultants have the academic and theoretical knowledge to train robust and accurate AI models for a number of business domains, while at the same time we offer the ability to scale those AI models to cluster and cloud solutions and integrate them with your existing production and enterprise applications. We offer the best affordable AI consulting services in UAE. We set ourselves apart from other AI consulting services in United Arab Emirates by combining a strong academic understanding and background in data science with the data engineering expertise to take those solutions to web and cloud scale. We take pride in ourselves for delivering AI consulting services in Dubai, Ajman and in the whole of Middle East which delivers proven results for businesses.

Our Key AI consulting services in Dubai, UAE include:

  • Proven Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Expertise to solve business problems.
  • Engineering expertise to scale Artificial Intelligence Models to enterprise scale.
  • Strong experience with common AI frameworks like PyTorch, Tensorflow, and Keras.
  • Extensive Experience in Market Forecasting, Risk Prediction, and other kinds of Financial Modeling
  • Application of AI to understanding and generating business value from unstructured data like text, documents, images, and video.
  • Strong background of applications of AI to bioinformatics such as genomic modeling, patient outcome modeling, biomarker identification, and other healthcare and bioinformatic areas.
  • Application of AI to more advanced recommendations, site personalization, and AI-driven conceptual search for e-commerce and media applications
  • Implementation of AI driven Oil and Gas applications such as seismic data interpretation and prediction, hydrocarbon anomaly detection, and other similar problems.
  • Best scalable & robust AI and ML consulting services