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Big Data

Bluesky Technologies FZE offers the best Big Data consulting services in Dubai, Ajman and in the whole of UAE . Data is expanding at an exponential rate, and most traditional companies lack the skills of Silicon Valley companies like Google, Facebook, or Amazon to effectively make use of their data assets. Today's most agile companies realize that "Data is the New Oil." But like oil, data is useless unless we have the tools and expertise to refine that data and turn it into fuel for the growth of our business. Technology revolutions such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, NoSQL and related technologies have allowed processing and gaining value from massive datasets that heretofore were considered unimaginably large. Yet, many companies suffer a "tools gap" because the Hadoop ecosystem is far removed from the world of traditional databases and Business Intelligence tools. That's where we come in. Our consultants have vast experience in the Hadoop ecosystem, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and NoSQL databases like Cassandra, HBase, and MongoDB. We can take your existing data infrastructure and help you scale an order of magnitude (or more) on top of what your current data infrastructure will allow. With all that data, we offer the expertise to help you manage the data and optimize it for effective query, metadata management, data government, compliance with GDPR and other regulatory environments, and many other tasks. We offer the best affordable Big Data consulting services in Dubai, Ajman and in the whole of UAE. We set ourselves apart from other Big Data consulting services in Dubai, UAE by combining a strong academic understanding and background in data science with the data engineering expertise to take those solutions to web and cloud scale. We take pride in ourselves for delivering AI consulting services in United Arab Emirates which delivers proven results for businesses.

Our Key Big Data consulting services in Dubai, UAE include:

  • Proven Big Data Architecture and Engineering experience to solve business problems.
  • Strong background with implementation of Big Data technologies both on-prem and in-cloud.
  • Extensive architecture experience with Hadoop and related ecosystem components such as Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and many others.
  • Proven solutions in Data Management, Metadata management.
  • Understanding of data warehouse, mainframe technologies, and Enterprise ETL solutions for interfacing with more traditional data sources.
  • Best scalable & robust Big Data consulting services