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How you could make your ecommerce website trending in the market ?

Bluesky is a custom ecommerce solutions UAE based company with our primary focus on delivering custom ecommerce solutions in Dubai, UAE using custom–made content management platforms in Codeigniter, Yii, Magento & WooCommerce. We deliver ecommerce website solutions in Dubai, UAE to both newly launched & established businesses alike. As you see, nowadays business competition is at it its peak when it comes to ecommerce. Therefore, the overall success of custom ecommerce solutions depends entirely upon the features of the ecommerce website.

As a result, it is important to depend on an experienced custom ecommerce solutions UAE based company for its development. This is because custom ecommerce solutions in Dubai, UAE are more productive, flexible, scalable & output oriented when compared to ready-made ecommerce solutions. Your ecommerce website design should highlight the USP’s (Unique Selling Points) of your website. Through our sincere efforts we have distinguished ourselves as one of the best custom ecommerce solutions UAE based company.

Now let us have a walkthrough over some of the trending custom ecommerce solutions in Dubai, UAE.

- Easy Product Customization

Nowadays, many of the ecommerce stores are provided with product customization feature. For example, a customer who plans on buying a T-Shirt from the ecommerce store could change the print design, colors, design positioning etc to suite their interest. While with these option you would be able to provide the customers with better options but on the other have sophisticated customization is needed on the ecommerce stores.

Some of the advantages of product customization on ecommerce stores include:

  1. It creates more consumer demand, as most customers wish to buy their own unique products
  2. Better profit margins, as considerable pricing could be added to the customized products
  3. It greatly reduces the products returns, as most customers are delivered the product that matches their expectation
  4. Customization feature servers as an engaging functionality among the customers as it inadvertently provides better publicity
  5. It also serves as a reliable market research platform to collect the trends in the market among a particular group of buyers

With this feature, the product is made more personal which helps to form an emotional connection with the buyers. In short, this feature leads to better word of mouth referrals & product sharing’s through social media channels.

- Upselling & Cross-selling of Products

Most frequent online buyers should be familiar with the wordings like “premium products” or “would you like to upgrade your product”. This is practically one way to sell products with advanced functionalities or features compared to the one under the customer’s consideration. This helps the customers to visualize & understand the benefits of the high-end products. As a matter of fact, upselling works 10xtimes better than cross-selling.

For example: You are a buyer who wishes to buy IPHONE 8 online but while going through you found that IPHONE 8 plus provides you with better features & storage capacities. At this stage after thinking about it, the customer might even make a run for IPHONE 8 plus which depends entirely on the customer’s budget. But, in general sense upselling allows the customers to walk away more happily after a purchase.

Cross-selling of products is considered as a way to make the buyers buy a product in addition to their primary product. Cross-selling is sometimes not an option for buyers because they wish to focus only on the product which is in their mind. For a proper cross-selling to happen it is mandatory that the seller needs to properly monitor the customer’s actions. Cross-selling is a better option in case of personal care products.

For example: You are a buyer who wishes to buy Sunsilk shampoo, but it is more likely you would also buy Sunsilk hair conditioner along with the Sunsilk shampoo. Surprisingly, this helps in making the buyer choice better. Even hair curl products, frizz control products & other hair care products could also be considered as a best choice here. Cross-selling is considered to be an interchangeable process in ecommerce.

The two important points you need to remember while upselling & cross-selling

  1. You need to consider the primary product on which the customer has his eyes on.
  2. You need to take into consideration the approximate change of price, features, benefits etc that comes with the purchase.

- Affiliate programs & client referral programs

By monitoring many successful ecommerce websites it is evident from its data that large numbers of buyers could be attracted through affiliate & client referral programs. Moreover, TV advertisements & social media advertisements could not be considered as persuasive when compared to the referral from a friend’s, family members, co-workers, celebrity endorsements, affiliate marketers etc.

Affiliate programs could be considered as a business understanding between a brand & an affiliate marketer. Here, the affiliate marketer knowingly promotes the brand through their website, blog, mobile application, web application etc so as increase the brand sales. While the affiliate marketer receives payment for his marketing efforts based on the number of conversions, visits, purchases etc that happens.

For example: Amazon is considered as one of one of the best affiliate marketing sites. Amazon has over a million products listed in it that belongs to different brands & companies. They promote these products through their website so that maximum conversions or purchases happen through them. A separate reseller dash board is provided to monitor the sales through the website. Amazon even provides advertising option for the products listed in Amazon.

Referral programs are considered as a way of advocating a brand, product or services through existing customers, friends, family members etc in return for a reward. Some of the most common ways in which referral programs are carried out are as follows:

  1. By means of an invitation through a mobile application
  2. By sharing a link in the social media channels
  3. Through promo codes
  4. By means of email subscription
  5. Through mobile based promotional messages

Rewards could be considered as way to stimulate an action for a brand. Most of the rewards received for advocating the brands are in the form of:

  1. Real money (Google Pay)
  2. Extra disk space (Drop Box)
  3. Extra credits (Airbnb)
  4. Upgrades to account (MileIQ)
  5. Mobile recharges (Paytm)
  6. Discounts (Zomato)
  7. Free rides (Uber)

Moreover, for both affiliate & client referral programs some of the commonly used metrics to measure its performance includes joining’s or participation’s, link clicks & conversion rate optimization (completion of a particular action such as sign up, app installations, bookings, membership registration, money transactions etc).

- Engaging buyers with live chat support

In the 2018’s, many successful ecommerce stores made use of live chat support system rather than automatically generated messages to drive more sales. Here, the buyers are efficiently guided at the moment of their purchase. Hence, cart abandonments are avoided to a considerable extent. This is because live chat support could be considered as the key to keep the visitors engaged in the ecommerce store.

Some of importance of the live chat support in ecommerce includes:

  1. Helps to create a convenient environment for the buyers
  2. It costs low when compared to phone calls
  3. It practically acts as a sales booster for the ecommerce store
  4. Helps to maintain good customer relations & gains customer loyalty
  5. It could also act as a way to analysis consumer behavior
  6. An efficient chat support team would provide you an edge over your competitors

A very recent study conducted in US showed that over 45% of the shoppers aged from 18-36 years preferred the use of a live chat system during their purchase. While it was 35% for those who are aged above 40 years.

- Omni-Channel Management

Omni-channel management has been one of the growing trends all over the world. Omni-channel management makes use of multiple channels to provide an integrated customer experience. It serves as one of the best multi-channel sales strategy. Omni-channel management makes use of multiple channels. But in general, not all multi-channels could be considered as omni-channel.

Most products & brands focus on creating multi-channel experience since they have their own social media accounts, mobile apps, website, blog, web app etc. But most brands are unaware of the fact that they should focus on omni-channel management to create seamless customer experience. First of all, for a company to create their own unique omni-channel experience they need to work closely with each department.

Prominent departments you need to focus in this aspect:

  1. Product Development
  2. Marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Customer Support
  5. Customer Management

For example, Disney is one of the companies that prominently make use of omni-channel management to provide an overall seamless experience. Disney app makes use of full-fledged omni-channel management. The app offers various touch points to connect with customers. For instance, you don’t need to book your ticket in advance. You could come straight to the park and align to get the ticket through the Disney app. Once you get the ticket you would be getting the live updates of the events going at the Disney Park such as character processions, checking ride status, event passes etc. Disney app thus creates an overall never ending seamless experience.

Furthermore, a very recent study showed the impact of omni-channel management:

  1. Over 10% shopped exclusively through online
  2. 20% customers made shop purchases
  3. 70% customers depended on multiple channel experiences

- Augmented reality with deep learning fusion sensors & RFID

2018 would see the growth of ecommerce business through the use of augmented reality with deep learning fusion sensors & RFID. Here, it works in a similar way as those self-driving cars. By means of this any customer no longer needs a cashier to bill for the things you have purchased. Here, it functions in a similar way as that of an ecommerce store. Were the addition into the cart and payment processing happens automatically based on the virtual account details and payment method given.

For example: Amazon Go store is one of the most trending stores that make use of this advanced shopping technology. Amazon named this technology as walk-out technology. Here the products taken from the shelf are automatically tracked and are added to the virtual store. When the shopping is done, the cost is sent to your account with receipt for charging from your account.

Overall custom ecommerce solutions in Dubai, UAE could be considered as a major stepping stones towards a wider established business. We are one among the top rated custom ecommerce solutions UAE based company in the Gulf region.

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