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Make your Business Accounting complaint to GCC VAT with ERP based VAT Software in UAE

ERP based VAT software in UAE allows business accountings to be kept up-to-date as per the government taxations. Since, GCC VAT rates vary for various industries it is important to use VAT software in UAE. In addition, accounting software in UAE should be VAT compliant and it should function as VAT software. Most businesses use Enterprise Resource Planning Software or Accounting Software in UAE to properly manage their business accountings. But, at the back-end still many ERP software’s make use of desktop spread sheets to manage their VAT (Value Added Tax) oriented transactions & tax filings. This is in general, is a tedious task as it requires the effort of many employees. There may, even be multiple departments supporting the centralized ERP process. Moreover, they may even create or rebuilding various tax related codes & functionalities to make the ERP software function properly.

This may give rise to many errors & difficulty in the usability of ERP Software in UAE. Inadditon, the day to day updates happening in the TAX requires the need to install new & new features in the ERP software. So, basically a company which doesn’t have VAT enabled ERP software in UAE is met by problems like:

  1. Tax Issues
  2. Accounting Issues
  3. Scrutiny to tax compliance
  4. Cash flow forecasting issues
  5. VAT taxation penalties

Moreover, properly automated VAT enabled ERP software in UAE delivers better efficiency for tax department works. This allows keeping the ERP software updated about the latest changes in the VAT (Value Added Tax) modules. This could be done through proper installation of the required controllers. It also allows reducing the errors that may arise due to manual tax updates, manual data entry & work processes.

Bluesky VAT software in UAE offers you complete control over your business taxations. Our VAT software in UAE delivers better cost savings for your business with up-to 40% reduction on VAT compliance costs. This could be done by minimizing the working time & resources needed by Tax personnel.

Let us discuss about some of the tax related problems that most businesses faces

  1. Manual Data Entry Burdens
  2. Internal Pressures
  3. External Pressures
  4. Automation
  5. Taxing Solutions
  6. Tax Compliance
  7. End to End Support
  8. Tax Audit Assistance

As a matter of fact, scrutiny with GCC-VAT is one of the unavoidable processes for any business in the Middle Eastern region. Together with automated VAT software in UAE, Tax consultants needs to work with the professional IT experts to deliver desirable results for a business.

Manual Data Entry Burdens

Most widely known ERP software’s like SAP & ORACLE offers complicated tax reporting support. Even with their ERP functionalities, it becomes extremely difficult for a business to keep their business tax compliant. As much as this arises due to their sophisticated ERP functionalities. One situation is where the person responsible for handling GCC-VAT Tax ends up rechecking the ERP tax data into papers or desktop based spreadsheets for further proceeding, analysis, clearing, maintaining & preparation of returns.

This problem arises because most prominent ERP software’s are built based on manual processes. These manual processes serve as the foundation of much famous ERP software. Over 70% of the companies worldwide use ERP software that involves the usage of desktop spread sheets. The use of inefficient practices is increasing the cost of the ERP to a huge margin. Since, an ERP’s standard functionalities are flooded by customized manual processes.

Some of the problems that arise due to manual data processes are:

  1. More Expenses - Manual processing is more expensive & time consuming. It requires the need to build departments funnels. Also the support of manual processes is also difficult.
  2. Lack of a proper work flow - Also live manual paperwork’s lack proper data management & security. It could also lead to improper management of resources.
  3. Lack of inconsistent work - While in the case of international MNC companies, manual paper works of various countries changes based on the tax processing’s. This may lead to the distribution of work inconsistently all over the globe.
  4. Brain drain - Mostly, manual data processing could only be well done by the employee who has built the manual data processing platform. Basically when such a qualified employee leaves the company. There is a need to replace him with an equally skilled professional.
  5. Data Policing - As a matter of fact, manual data processing requires the need for checking the documents after manual data entry to know whether they have redundancies, errors or bugs.

Also, the constant up-dating & over loading of manual tax processes affects the efficiency of the manual processes.

Internal Pressures

Then again, apart from the desktop spreadsheets the companies are faced by a wide range of internal management issues based on VAT implementation & VAT compliance.

Some of them are as follows:

  1. Budget Problems
  2. Tax changes that affects accounting
  3. Local tax changes based on VAT

Nonetheless, depending on manual data processing could invariably affect the proper functioning of ERP software. It could also lead to other law violations if not checked properly. Above all, this may even affect the future growth plans of the business.

External Pressures

Regardless, the complications & complexity in GCC-VAT would only increase more and more in the years to come. So, VAT software in UAE which gives better transparency & regulatory attention is much needed for any business. Moreover, failure in filing proper tax returns would lead to penalties issued by the government. Also, the randomly changing macro environment has forced government to take business tax auditing more seriously into their concern.

vat software in uae


In contrast, both internal & external pressures has caused many companies to depend upon ERP based VAT software for better flexibility & reporting. Also this has prompted them to take stringent measures to check VAT compliances form the start to end of a transaction. This problem has caused many ERP based VAT software to take into consideration two factors:

  1. Taxing Solution - Taxing solutions more commonly known as tax engine is one of the unavoidable element in an ERP system. It connects an ERP system to a real time or real life ERP software to provide the desired output. The taxing solutions may include purchases & post-purchases. So through taxing solutions it is possible to update an ERP system on an automated basis. This allows keeping track of VAT based law changes.
  2. Tax Compliance - Tax compliance solution is one which derives data from more than one ERP systems or tax engines and combines transactions or balance level cash flows from multiple data sources into a single view. This helps in updating the data to the required data controllers and helps to check whether there are redundancies or errors in the tax data. More notably, this allows taking proper error free tax reports.

End to End Support

In contrast, the proper combination of taxing solutions & tax compliances allows providing a complete end to end solution for businesses. End to end support is basically developed to reduce the need to identify, analysis & correct errors in Taxation reports. Well automated VAT software allows saving more money & time. It offers better visibility across all business departments such as IT, Finance, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production, Tax Filing & Business Auditing.

Bluesky ERP based VAT software could be considered as a one stop solution for businesses!

Bluesky ERP based VAT software benefits

Bluesky Technology Consultants FZE offers complete ERP based VAT Software in UAE suited to all types of business sectors. In basic concept, where ever you do business your business should follow taxation rules present in the country. So, our aim is give businesses easy to use VAT software in UAE with better usability. Bluesky doesn’t just offer only VAT software but an entire business process management module through our Cloud based ERP Software.

Our ERP based VAT software includes modules such as:

  1. Sales
  2. Purchase
  3. Finance
  4. Production
  5. Inventory
  6. HRMS

We simplify complex taxation process through the best in class VAT software in UAE. Complete 24*7 customer support is provided our team to maintain proper business taxations.

It involves features such as:

  1. Interactive dashboard
  2. Supports multiple currencies
  3. Cloud based
  4. User roles management & assigning
  5. Invoicing
  6. Better Inventory Management
  7. Provides the creation of purchased order, sales order & delivery note
  8. Stock tracking or Inventory tracking
  9. Receipt handling
  10. Document attaching (tax source document)
  11. Customized reports
  12. Multiple devices support such as mobile phones, tablets etc
  13. Financial reports

All taxation modules are included in Bluesky ERP based VAT software!

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